Recently added to the vehicle fleet: 28.8 metres working height with driver’s licence class B

24. October 2016

Gerken offers the latest Ruthmann innovation. Ruthmann’s Steiger TB 290 is the first work platform that reaches a working height of 28.8 metres on a 3.5t chassis. It is now available at Gerken as GL 29 H.

Thus, by combining various technologies used in successful work platform models, Ruthmann increased the maximum working height within this class by another 2 metres. In addition to the working height of 28.8 metres, GL 29 H has an outreach of 16.2 metres and an overall improved working diagram compared to the established GL 27 K. GL 29 H has a basket loading capacity of 230 kg. For the first time in this class it is possible to work with two operators or a maximum of 200 kg in heights of up to 28.8 metres.

The basket can be rotated by 2 x 85° and is equipped with a novel, anti-slip floor. The hydraulic outriggers, which were once again optimised, compensate for uneven terrains with slopes of up to 5%, thus offering a wide range of applications. With its total length of 7.73 metres, GL 29 H is compact and offers superior manoeuvrability even in inner city areas. Flexible outrigger positions allow for numerous fields of application, e.g. in parking bays or moving traffic. It goes without saying that GL 29 H is also equipped with added features such as automatic positioning and home function.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you on the new GL 29 H or on any other of our 4,200 machines.?