MBV 125A 2226-6

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MBV 125A 2226-6 – Small elektrical distributor 

12 x CEE-Sockets, 6 x Schukosockets

Technical data  
connectings 2 x CEE-Sockets 400 V/63 A/5-polig
2 x CEE-Sockets 400 V/32 A/5-polig
2 x CEE-Sockets 400 V/16 A/5-polig
6 x CEE-Sockets 230 V/16 A/3-polig
6 x Schukosockets 230 V/16 A

Feeding via CEE plug 400 V / 125 A / 5-pole, loop CEE socket 400V/125A 8unsecured), individuallay secured, central FI protection switch 


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