GA 27 G

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GA 27 G – Trailer mounted work platform

Technical data**  
Max. working height 26,63 m
Max. platform height 24,63 m
Max. Outreach 12,00 m
Overall dimensions
8,36 x 1,75 x 2,10 m
Platform size BxT    1,28 x 0,85 m
Max. lifting capacity 200 kg
Swivel range  
Wheel pressure 15 kN
Ground clearance 0,19 m
Jacking vertical
Jacking unilaterally
Jacking both sides 4,10 m
Jacking length 3,95 m
Jacking diagonal
Weight 2.800 kg
Max. pressure on cludge 100 kg
Engine 230 V
Special features  
Shunting mode yes
Rotatable cage  yes
Jib, rotating angle no/

**Technical data was captured accurately
but may vary within one model series.


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