Whether you need to lift 400 kg to a height of 100 metres or 12,000 kg to a height of 6 metres – Gerken’s vehicle fleet provides you with the machine that matches your task. Two mini cranes, GMK 87-28 and GMK 168-38, both capable of lifting up to 3,830 kg to a height of 16,8 metres, have joined our rental programme. These machines are extremely compact: with a width of only 0.75 metres, GMK 87-28 can be employed for almost every site of operation.

In the following, please find a list of all load lifting machines for the different areas of application.




GEH – Stacker Truck with Batterydrive

Productmax. lifting height (m)max. lifting capacity (kg)Width (m)Weight (kg)EngineDetails
GEH 44-154.4015000.801120Elektro Details
GEH 43-164.3616000.921273Elektro Details
GEH 34-153.4215000.811175Elektro Details
GEH 29-122.9012000.81465Elektro Details


GML – Material lifts

Productmax. lifting height (m)max. lifting capacity (kg)Width (m)Weight (kg)EngineDetails
GML Portalkran1000201194Details
GML 79 SW7.903000.75204Details
GML 75 E7.503000.76255Elektro Details
GML 737.302950.78170ManuellDetails


MS – Inclined lifts

Productmax. lifting height (m)max. lifting capacity (kg)Width (m)Weight (kg)EngineDetails
MS 30 D30002001.581500BenzinDetails
MS 25 D25002001.591300BenzinDetails
MS 20 D19902001.651250Details
MS 16 D15902001.59750Details
MMA BA08 | VerlängerungsstückElektro Details
MMA BA08 | KnickstückElektro Details
MMA BA08 | EimergehängeElektro Details
MMA BA0820250Elektro Details


MPH / MTK – Lifting car / Stair climber

Productmax. lifting height (m)max. lifting capacity (kg)Width (m)Weight (kg)EngineDetails
MTK 600 R6000.56345AkkuDetails
MTK 5405400.6138AkkuDetails
MTK 400 R4000.5296AkkuDetails
MTK 3303300.5844AkkuDetails
MPH 2000.20200086Details
MPH 1800.20200090Details
MPH 1150.20250070Details