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GS 225-12 WI

Technical data**  
Max. working height (A) 22,50 m
Max. platform height (P) 20,50 m
Max. lifting capacity 450 kg
Max. lifting capacity on extended platform kg
Engine Battery
Platform dimensions (K x F) 3,98 x 1,20 m
Extended platform length (D)    5,37 m
Total Dimensions (LxB)     4,20 x 1,22 m
Weight 9.750 kg
Transporting height H2 with/H1 without ralling 3,70/2,83m
Permitted to drive up to      22,50 m
Ground clearance 0,15 m
Indoor use only yes

Special features
non marking tires yes
Fall Protection Anchorage Points PSA

**Technical data was captured accurately
but may vary within one model series.
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Die technischen Daten der Gerken Arbeitsbühnen

Die technischen Daten der Gerken Arbeitsbühnen
Print | 25.03.2018